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Milroy Veterans Memorial Day Dedication

The Milroy Veteran’s Memorial Committee is a non-profit organization comprised of several veterans and non-veterans who are donating their time and efforts to aid in the development of a monument that will be situated on the left as you enter Milroy on Old Rte 322. It will sit on township property, and will be very visible to all who enter the town.

We have a graphic designer and a web designer, also veterans, who have designed the layout. The bronze sculptures have been chosen and will be surrounded by a walkway paved with bricks that may be purchased with a loved one’s name and date of service engraved into the brick. Flags for every branch of the service will surround the monument, along with a large American flag which will fly at the entrance. We are planning on metal benches for reflection and a small area for parking.

We will be raising as much money as we can with the sale of the engraved bricks. We are asking businesses as well as veterans to consider a donation to help support this noble venture. Veterans of all branches of military service will be represented there. Many families of servicemen would like to honor their family member with a brick, but in order to make this happen, and to be able to maintain the area we need to have as much financial support as possible.

We would deeply appreciate your generosity. Please make your check out to “MILROY VETERAN’S MEMORIAL FUND”

The Milroy Veterans Memorial will sit on the left as you enter the town of Milroy, between old Rte 322 and Hill Street. To get to this site, you will take the Milroy exit off of Rte 322.